Our vision

Our motto is competence, development, innovation and understanding the industry needs. The Health and Beauty Group has become the European leading publishing house and organizer of trade fairs and congresses in the field of professional cosmetics and fitness in just a few years.

Our dynamic growth is possible thanks to the dialogue we conduct with the industry in every country we are present.


Our leading position in Europe and in other countries in the world is possible thanks to:

the development and implementation of the media and concept for all markets where we are present.
our international nature and excellent knowledge of the market and customers for whom we are a professional business partner.
qualified team of employees. Our team is formed by top-class specialists with above-average skills.
international cooperation in all areas of the beauty and fitness industry
establishing a strategically justified associations and joint stock partnerships and our presence in influential media and participation in major trade events both at home and abroad.
Opening our company to new possibilities in connection with our listing on the stock market.

We support the industries

Our magazines, portals, trade fairs and congresses constitute a coherent whole. The high quality of our products, customer service at the highest level, creativity, high standards and following the trends have found favour with our customers and convinces new companies to start business cooperation.

Thanks to commitment and the international nature of the company, we offer our partners the possibility of cross-country development and support the international communication. The success of the customers is always in the centre of our interest. We are aware of the strength of our media, thus we always strive to conduct an objective dialogue with the actors constituting part of this market.
We focus on building long-term and durable relationships based on mutual benefits. In comparison to our competitors, we are distinguished by high quality of the provided services.

Our motto

We strive to create long-term sustainable partnerships based on the WIN-WIN approach.  We reject any actions which despite the profit could harm the interests of our customers and cause a break of the relationship and a loss of trust.

Therefore, our leading ideas include:

Fair play
Long-term effects

Management style

Our management style is based on a dialogue. Each of our employees is a distinctive personality with outstanding skills. Together with the whole team we set realistic goals and strive to achieve them. Cooperation, mutual assistance and support, communication and results-oriented work allow for the constant development of the company.  We rely on the experience, knowledge and skills of the entire team while promoting creativity of the employees.  The control is not a goal itself, thanks to a timely implementation of tasks and cooperation we still move forward.