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Cookie files are short bits of information stored by the website on your computer’s hard drive as text files, thanks to which we are able to calculate our website’s popularity. We recognise you to find out what kind of information you need, and what you look for on our websites. We want to find out, which categories you visit more frequently than others, thanks to which we can become a much more interesting and better website than hitherto. It is You who provides us with knowledge on the direction that we should develop in, about your requirements, what is missing and what you believe should be available on the site. Furthermore, cookie files are used by the site to maintain the user session (after a user logs in), thanks to which the user would not have to log in with their password on every subpage; they are used to create statistics that help us understand, how Users make use of websites, allowing improvements to their structure and content.

So, by using a website, it is mainly You who decides about its future shape. Cookies do not damage or destroy Your computer’s system or the stored  files in any way, and they do not purposefully harm the performance or functionality of Your system. Identification occurs impersonally, namelessly, and this is only data concerning the mode and form of usage of websites.

Within the scope of the website, two fundamental cookie types are used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the end user device until they log out, leave the website or shut down the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the end user device over a period of time described in the cookie parameters, or until they are removed by the user.


The website uses the following cookie types:

1. Necessary cookies that make it possible for the website services to be utilised at all, e. g. identification cookies, used by services requiring authentication on the website.

2. Cookie files used to provide security, e. g. used to detect authentication abuse on the website.

3. Performance cookies, allowing the collection of information on the mode of usage of the individual site pages,

4. Functional cookies, allowing the storage of user settings and personalisation of the interface, e. g. in terms of the user language or region, the font size, web site layout/ design details, etc.

5. Advertisement cookies, allowing the delivery of advertising content better adapted to user interests.

Cookie files may be used by and stored on your end user device also by advertising providers and partners cooperating with Health and Beauty.

The acceptance of cookies is not obligatory to use the Website, and Health and Beauty informs users clearly and visibly on the website pages about the objective of storage and access to cookies, and about the ability of the user to describe the conditions of storage or access to cookies by using settings of the software installed on the end user device by the user themselves. We note that if you do not consent to certain cookie files, then full and proper operation of the website will be impossible.

You may consent to the storage of cookies on your device and to their use in the above-described manner by setting up the web browser you use appropriately, meaning, in terms of the settings of the browser that describe the acceptance of cookies or, appropriately, by not changing the present settings in line with the information above, thereby consenting to Health and Beauty receiving and using cookies in the manner described above.

In order not to receive cookies, use the options of the web browser that you use to access the website and choose options to automatically reject cookies. These settings usually allow the user to manage cookies in the remaining scope.

Below you can find links to sample, official websites of the manufacturers of the most commonly used web browsers that contain information about the actions necessary to change the settings of the browsers in the above described scope:

MS Internet Explorer 9

For instance, if you would be using an older version of MS Internet Explorer, go to Tools/ Internet Options/ Privacy/ Advanced/ Block cookie files. Using the browser, the user may also delete cookies that are already stored on the device. In the mentioned web browser, select the option Tools/ Internet Options/ General/ Delete cookie files.

Health and Beauty is not responsible for the content of cookie files sent by other websites, to which links are placed on the Website.