Regulations of the website


Website – this means the website

Owner – this means the entity being the legal owner of the website

Operator – this means the entity controlling the services provided by the website

User – this means any person visiting the website.

Materials – this means all content uploaded by the owner to the Website, including in particular written content, photographs, comments, statements, opinions on services.


[Owner/ Operator]

1. The Owner and Operator of the website is the company Health and Beauty Media sp. z o. o., address Królowej Marysieńki 9/ 10, 02-954 Warsaw, Poland.

2. The permission to utilise the Website is a service provided electronically by the Service Provider for the benefit of the Service Users, pursuant to the Polish act of July 18th, 2002, on the provision of electronic services, which takes place on the basis of the present Regulations.

3. The content, information and other services presented on this website are foreseen exclusively for users in Poland.

4. The Owner provides their services on the basis of the present Regulations, and access of the website and usage of the content uploaded to it is equal to accepting the present legal note.

5. The User is obliged to use the website in a manner conforming to the present Regulations, the laws in force, the general rules of usage of the Internet and the objective of the website, in particular in a manner not violating the rights of third parties and the rights of the Owner.

6. The User is obliged to refrain from any activity that could [negatively] influence the correct operation of the Website, including in particular any form of interference in its content or technical components, including the delivery of content deemed unlawful. It is forbidden to use the Website for purposes other than its designated purpose, including to send out spam, conduct any commercial, advertising, promotional or similar activities.

7. Should it be determined that the User violates p. 5 or performs any acts described in p. 6, the Owner is entitled to undertake any and all activities leading to the damage caused in this way being repaired.

8. Any User who would not consent to adherence to the provisions of the present notice is asked to leave the Website.

9. The Regulations are binding for Website visitors without necessity to conclude a separate Contract.


[Intellectual Property Rights]

1. The information contained on the Website, including content, design and structure, are protected by Polish and international copyright laws.

2. The rights to all materials uploaded to the Website are reserved for the owner or entitled companies and persons (e. g. trade partners, customers).

3. No part of the website (including texts, documents, files, graphic designs, graphics) may be duplicated or distributed in any form or in any fashion (electronically or mechanically), including copying, printing, photocopying, recording on tape, diskettes, CDs/ DVDs or with the use of other systems and resources, without the consent of the Owner, unless the rules would state otherwise.

4. Downloading and copying of the content uploaded to the Website is permitted exclusively for private, non-commercial use, unless the individual case would be governed by other provisions. Posting hyperlinks to the website, in particular deep links, inline links or frame links is permitted only by prior written consent of the owner.

5. User violations of licences and copyrights results in legal liability as described in particular in the provisions of the Polish copyright law and related laws, the Polish act on unfair competition, the Polish civil code or the Polish press code.


[Purpose of the Website]

1. The purpose of the Website is:

- to inform about services and new service developments by Health and Beauty Media sp. z o. o.

- to inform about competitions, promotional events,

- to allow contact with Health and Beauty Media sp. z o. o.,

- to allow registrations in the marketing database,

- to inform about current news related to the processing of personal data.

2. Access to Website services is free of charge.


[Responsibility for Content]

1. The Owner is responsible solely for their own content uploaded to the website.

2. Information uploaded to the Website by the Owner is updated continuously and developed in a careful and diligent manner, however, the owner does not give any warranty as to its correctness, being up to date, comprehensive, as well as with respect to permanent website availability.

3. The Owner provides binding information, advice, recommendations or clarifications exclusively within the context of individual communications.

4. The Owner reserves the right to change the on-line offer, to amend it, abridge it or withdraw it completely. Furthermore, the Owner does not guarantee that the content is suitable for the user and their purposes.

5. The Website may include links to third party websites, on the content of which the Owner has no influence. The content found under the linked addresses are the exclusive responsibility for their operators.

6. The Owner asks to immediately be notified if a User, using links posted on the website, would arrive at addresses that the User would find dubious. The removal of such links will occur immediately upon acquisition of information about violations of the law by content under the linked addresses. This statement applies to all links found on the Owner’s Website.

7. The Owner explicitly states that the Website is used exclusively at the expense and risk of the User.

8. The Owner explicitly states that the service provided on the basis of the Regulations are exclusively informational in nature, and may not be used as a tool to make any decisions, in particular investment decisions.

9. The Service Provider does not bear any liability:

a) for any damage incurred due to usage of the Website by the User in a manner contrary to the law or to Regulations;

b) for any damage emerging as a result of the Services being withdrawn, should this take place following User error or due to violations of the law or the Regulations;

c) for any damage incurred in relation to the User utilising data and information from the Website for economic, investment, business purposes, etc.


[Technical conditions]

1. The technical conditions necessary to make use of the website are as follows:

a. a device providing access to the internet;

b. a standard internet browser supporting cookie files;

c. an e-mail account – for certain services requiring the provision of an e-mail address.

2. The Owner reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of the services in relation to upgrades or updates to the Website or maintenance work on the computer system that the Website uses.

3. The Operator is not responsible for service interruptions caused by reasons beyond their control.


[Complaints and liability]

1. The Administrator shall make every effort to ensure correct operation of the Website, and shall provide aid in the solution of problems related to its operation.

2. Any complaints related to the operation of the Website should be:

a. made out in written form, containing the first and last name, e-mail address, user correspondence address and a substantiation of the complaint;

b. sent by registered letter to the address of the Owner, or electronically to:

3. Complaints shall be processed by the Owner within 30 calendar days from the day of their receipt.


[Provision of information and processing of personal data]

1. Any Website User provides information, including statistical and personal data as well as the content of any sent messages, for purposes indicated by the Website owner, which are described in the privacy policy, in the information obligations or regulations and in the privacy policy posted on the Website

2. The privacy policy constitutes a document providing information to the user (data subject) about the usage of cookie files.

3. The privacy policy is a document within the terms of the obligation to provide information to the user (data subject) if their personal data would be processed as part of the Website

4. The regulations apply to competitions, trade fairs, newsletters.


[Closing provisions]

1. Affairs not governed by the Regulations are governed by provisions of the law of Poland, in particular the provisions of the Polish act of July 18th, 2002, on the provision of electronic services, as well as the Polish act of April 23rd, 1964, Polish civil code, and the Polish act of May 10th, 2018, on the protection of personal data.

2. The entity responsible for settlement of disputes stemming from the provision of the Services is the court of law for the seat of the User.

3. The Owner reserves the right to unilaterally change the Regulations, following prior notification for Website visitors of such a change.

4. The Regulations are available on the Website and in hard copy at the seat of the Owner.

5. The present legal information and the usage of the Website by visitors are subject to provisions of Polish law.


[Contact details]

In case of questions or complaints concerning the present Website, please write to the following addresses:

- electronically:

- by post to the company address: Health and Beauty Media sp. z o. o., address Królowej Marysieńki 9/ 10, 02-954 Warsaw, Poland.